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Kaya SaSela was a fantasy envisioned in the mind of Jelena Marjanovic as a teen. With an eye for fashion and the desire of pursuing fashion management, Jelena set those dreams aside and pursued Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Development Economics and Project Management which was another great passion of hers. Although her studies took her far away from the fashion realm, Kaya SaSela was still there with her when sifting through magazines, Instagram, and Tumblr. One day, she realized that she could combine both passions of bohemian-gypsy fashion and social issues and this is how Kaya SaSela was born.
Although Kaya SaSela is in the early stages of growth, we are confident we can create sustainable, positive change to the lives of many people in the Balkans, as well as provide beautiful, one-of-a-kind, garments to socially conscious fashionistas around the world. The boho-gypsy style is here to stay and we want to promote those postive, happy, natural vibes embodied by this style to our garment workers and not just our customers.


At Kaya SaSela, we create high quality garments using traditional handmade methods that separates these garments from the rest of its competitors. We are switching away from conventional production focusing on quantity and “fast fashion” and moving towards high quality garments made with precision and great detail. This allows for connection between you and the garment makers who are skilled in their craft and are proud to create these unique products for you to enjoy. You will know that by paying a premium price, you will receive a premium product. We believe that social connectedness is an interaction that we lack in the corporatized fashion world. This is why we want you to see every step of the process from design and creation, and to how Kaya SaSela generates positive change in the communities where the garments are made.

Since every garment is handmade, each piece will have a one-of-a-kind element that is unique to you. We want the spiritual elements of bohemian fashion such as being in touch with nature and the world around you to be reflected in how our garments are made so that every bohemian goddess can feel sexy, natural, free and adventurous.